Call for Scores

Call for Scores

In cooperation with the Ensemble Wiener Collage, the IGNM is looking for compositions for the instrumentation: 1 flute (C, picc., alto, bass flute), 1 saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor saxophone), 1 guitar (concert guitar, electric guitar with effects), 1 accordion (chromatic accordion with freebass), 1 trombone (tenor, possibly alto trombone), 1 double bass (4 or 5 string). If possible, these should be new compositions for the world premiere or existing works that were composed after the year 2000. Works for the entire cast (6 instrumentalists) should preferably be submitted. Works with only 4 or 5 instruments from the total lineup are also permitted.

Duration of performance (guideline): 8 to 12 minutes Submission deadline: June 15, 2023 Form of submission: Scores of the pieces should preferably be sent in digital form (as PDF) to:, reference EWC-CALL If a digital submission is not possible, please send a score by mail to: IGNM – Austrian Section, reference EWC-CALL, Ölzeltgasse 4/5, 1030 Vienna

All scores must be submitted completely anonymously. Neither the name of the composer, the name of the work, nor the publisher's number or any other indication of authorship may be visible on the scores.

All submissions are collected by the IGNM office, made anonymous and presented to an independent expert jury with a code number. The scores must not contain the names of the composers, the name of the work, the publisher's number or any other indications that suggest authorship. A jury (2 IGNM, 2 EWC, 1 independent expert) will then decide on the selection. As a result, the composers of the selected works should also submit the parts by September 15, 2023. The performance of the listed works is planned for November 2023.

Ein Projekt in Kooperation mit IGNM Sektion Österreich.