Wien Modern 32 | Casino Baumgarten, Wien | 19. November 2019, 19.30 Uhr 

James TENNEY (1934 - 2006))
Swell Piece (1967)

Alexander STANKOVSKI (*1968)
Dunkle Räume (2019) (UA)

Bernhard GANDER (1883 - 1945)
ö. Quintett für Bassflöte, Bassklarinette, Akkordeon, Viola und Violoncello (2005)

György KURTAG (*1926)
eine Blume für Tabea...

Dietmar HELLMICH (*1976)
Kammermusik Nr. 17 (2019) (UA)

Anton WEBERN (1883 - 1945)
Drei kleine Stücke für Violoncello und Klavier op.11 (1914)

James TENNEY (1934 - 2006)
Swell Piece 2 (1971)

Galina USTWOLSKAJA (1919 - 2006)
Komposition Nr. 1 "Dona nobis pacem" (1970-71)

James TENNEY (1934 - 2006)
Swell Piece 3 (1971)

"Intensive music making "(Bernhard Gander) may be expected from the Ensemble Wiener Collage - whether this happens (as with Gander) in the footsteps of the rock group Motörhead or in the extreme shortage of James Tenney's Postal Pieces, whose score fits on one page. Precision in extreme miniature forms - for example "30 seconds playing time for four instruments as sum, summary, synthesis of my entire previous work" (Dietmar Hellmich) - Alexander Stankovski opposes a "slow modulation from a conscious-analytical to a meditative-hypnotic hearing and back". About his new piece he adds "visual associations as realization aid: slipping icebergs, a walkadaver sinking in the deep sea to the seabed and its complete dissolution; sharp pictures by Malewitsch, Rothko and Rainer; Transition from night to dusk. "

Ensemble Wiener Collage
René Staar, Dirigent


Dienstag, 19. November 2019, 19.30 Uhr
Casino Baumgarten
Linzer Straße 297, 1140 Wien
Tickets: € 21

Curated by Alexander Stankovski
Produced by Wien Modern in coproduction with Ensemble Wiener Collage

Supported by Wien Kultur, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, GFOEM/akm, ske/austromechana